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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Clinton Delegate Explains How Democrats Will Ban All Guns


this bitch is going to end up doing nothing just like Obama is doing right now when you get a president that fights with the constitution of the USA then you get a president that dose nothing but play golf bring terrorist in to your country and try and take away the guns that save your life then they sell your jobs to other countries because it fattens there foundation money that they use to get richer with 4 years of Trump no gun control no terrorist being brought here to kill you that your tax dollars pay for and an end to these stupid wars that murder millions of people so Bill and Hilary can make money for there foundation by getting countries that hate Americans to buy weapons made by American companies . 

Monday, November 2, 2015

flight 370 will this ever end ?

felecia187 this is nuts so they say they have found parts of  flight 370 , now any one can tell you that they know where they found it and when they found it so all they have to do is follow the currents in the ocean which they know how fast they go and where they go so finding where this part has come from is easy , but they seam to believe that we don't know this so they are playing us like we a stupid or something and we are not so where i did this part come from they say they don't know ok so everyone reading this find out when the part was found and where then get on a web site that has ocean currents then trace that back to when the flight would of ran out of fuel and you will know where the dam plane is ready start go .

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

earth heating up or is it

felecia187 so NASA says the earth has warmed up three time in the last ten years but Canada Russia and the arctic have had the coldest temperatures ever recorded there is more ice in the arctic now then there was 14 years ago so instead of arguing over who is right why not just clean up our planet just cause , when you create your own energy renewable you take away the power companies have over you and you have more money for your self and growing your own food with ponics will save you more money and take away the power the companies have over you so when a war or natural disaster happens you will know how to supply your self and the ones you love with food power so while every one else is panicking over where their next meal is coming from you will be safe in knowing you are set for such events stop depending on companies to supply you with food water and power and learn how to do it your self thank you for reading.      

Sunday, January 11, 2015

new computer

felecia187so just got a new computer omg , new program to figure out they do anything to sell you new programs that you don't can not figure out ticks you off and makes you wonder why you need a new computer then you find out the app you are trying to download is not compatible with the program on your new computer so instead of making the old program better they make a crappy one and show it down your throat who gives them the power to tick the consumer off OH that is right we do . need to kick someone in the Microsoft butt for this one even the keyboard is a pain , all this so i can make better videos as an YouTube partner is it worth it we will see . have a wonderful day not sick now but felecia is go figure  .

Friday, January 9, 2015

infinity explained , still sick .

felecia187 lots of people have many views on this one [still sick bear with me] so in order to find the end of something you need to find the start point . this is easier then you might think . start point you end point you , that is right infinity would have to start with you and end with you that way there would be no way to go beyond infinity . it really is not that hard to believe . a lot of the time the answer is easy the problem with this is that when someone asks a question you right away think the answer to be hard most times the answer is easy . to sick to continue have a awesome day .   

i have a cold .

felecia187 this one is bad two weeks ago i got the stomach flue so ginger ale and make it flat because it is lighter then water and will help keep you hydrated . stomach flue gone now i got a cold and the flue vitamin c lots of fluids no sleep bad cough i would use a teaspoon of rum for the cough but i am really allergic to alcohol bummer . feeling better today but the extra strength cough medicine has made me high bummer if you are sick stay home so no one at your work gets it this flue spreads faster then the zombie stuff have a wonderful day . 

Friday, December 12, 2014

dog bites

felecia187you will notice that most people who get bit by dogs are children this come as no surprise to many . you want a dog get the right dog some are for pets some are bread to kill and dogs do what there genes tell them to , learn which dog is best for you and your children .

shark bites

felecia187these people went swimming thinking that sharks were not going to attack them , were they stupid you bet they were , i do not care what people say about how sharks are miss understood they are killing machines , find a swimming pool and you will not have to go throw what these people have .

spider bites

felecia187these people were bitten by a spider now not all doctors can say what type of spider bit them but these people were lucky because some spider bits can and will kill , do not take chances learn to take care of your self , and know what kinds of spiders live in your area .

bug bites

felecia187these people all had an allergic reaction to a bug bit the guys back with the hives is what i looked like when i went fishing and the mosquitoes bit me this is no laughing matter if you have allergies like me then know your limits , because an allergic reaction can kill . 

snake bites

felecia187these are snake bites when you are in an area where there may be snakes do not be stupid like these people , snakes can kill if their poison is not enough to kill the average person then if you have allergies then it will kill you when going on a hike take a buddy know how to get help if you get bitten and know what to do if you do get bit play safe .